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Brandon Rios: If no Brook fight, I'd like Ortiz

Brandon Rios calls out Victor Ortiz for a fight once again, adding fuel to the fire in their longstanding feud.

If you ask me my preference to make any fight, I'd tell you Rios-Ortiz. There may not be any high-level fight out there that would bring as much personal animosity into the ring. The two have a long history and are probably the closest thing to De La Hoya vs. Vargas that fans could get. For those that don't remember De La Hoya-Vargas, it was both a great promotion and great fight made even greater because of their personal disdain towards one another. Rios and Ortiz have an even deeper rift than those two, so their personal beef mixed with their fighting styles would surely make for a great action fight. In my eyes, the fight is an easy sell and a no-brainer.

In this video interview, Rios calls for a fight with Victor if the Brook negotiations fall through and says that despite Victor's tough talk, Victor doesn't want any part of him in the ring or the streets. He even says he called out Ortiz for a fight after his last outing but never received a serious response from Ortiz - only tweets calling Rios a punching bag and asking for the contract. If Victor is still serious about fighting, we'd be sure to find out in a Rios fight. It would be fun, easily marketable, and they'd both make some good money doing it. Make the call, Victor!

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