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'Creed' has a trailer, and the movie looks legit

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The newest addition to the Rocky franchise is coming.

The next movie in the Rocky franchise is coming on November 25, this time focusing on the son of Rocky Balboa's great rival and friend Apollo Creed, with Rocky himself in a co-starring role. That news isn't anything you didn't know, but if you haven't seen it, an official trailer was released on Tuesday, and the movie looks legit.

Some boxing folk hate the Rocky movies because they're an inaccurate depiction of actual boxing action, like there's someone out there who wants to watch a fake but accurate portrayal of an actual boxing match. (Marvel at the round one fighter "takes off"!) Personally, I've always loved the first movie, personally, as well as the sixth, with the in-between movies pure Hollywood factory cheese, if entertaining in their escalating absurdity. The best part of all the movies is definitely Paulie and the robot, though.

But I think this looks damn good, a movie taking itself seriously dramatically, as Rocky and Rocky Balboa did, and cutting down on the rock n' roll hyperbole of the in-between films. It's also hopeful because this reunites Michael B. Jordan (playing Adonis Creed) and director/writer Ryan Coogler, who worked together on Fruitvale Station.

What do you think? Does Creed look worthwhile?