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Hank Lundy coming for blood

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Hammerin' Hank Lundy is set to square off with Mauricio Herrera tomorrow on HBO Latino, and says he's coming to end Herrera's career.

In this video interview with Doug Fischer, the always voiceterous Hank Lundy talks with extreme confidence heading into tomorrow nights fight with the crafty Mauricio Herrera.  Aside from his usual gift of gab, Lundy was asked about his recent twitter announcement of him getting married and whether or not that caused any loss of focus during training. Lundy dismissed the notion, insinuating that he didn't even allow himself to consummate his marriage, and even ran seven miles on his wedding day to keep sharp.

Hopefully Lundy will be able to maintain that discipline and focus inside the ring as well where lapses have cost him in the past. One moment that sticks out in my mind is his 2010 fight with John Molina Jr. where Lundy was easily outclassing Molina before getting so confident that he started showboating. He performed a maneuver I had never seen before, hitting Molina with a body punch that he threw from behind his back before pivoting out of the corner (something Teddy Atlas dubbed 'a little raza taza taza taza') but amidst all his clowning, he got caught with a couple hard shots and was TKO'd moments later.

Lundy has plenty talent and skills, but he is often his own worst enemy. Tomorrows fight with Herrera should prove if he can really keep his head in the game, which will be needed against another good technician.