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Video - Jeff Mayweather: 'Conor McGregor would get his ass whooped by an amateur boxer'

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Floyd Mayweather's uncle Jeff says that UFC star Conor McGregor would "get his ass whooped by an amateur" under boxing rules.

It seems par for the course for mixed martial artists to compare themselves to Floyd Mayweather nowadays. The most recent has been Conor McGregor, the UFC star who challenges Chad Mendes for the interim featherweight title in the main event of UFC 189 this Saturday, July 11th. Recently, McGregor claimed that he was more than prepared to step into the ring across from "Money" Mayweather, which tells us two things: 1) McGregor has the kind of absurd confidence possessed by most champion caliber athletes, and 2) Floyd Mayweather's isn't just the biggest name in boxing, but the biggest name in all of combat sports.

So really, we shouldn't be taking McGregor's claims seriously. But if you just can't resist entertaining the idea, there are few sources better than Jeff Mayweather. Not only is Jeff the uncle of Floyd Mayweather, but he has experience in the MMA world, having trained light heavyweight standout Muhammad "King Mo" Lawal for several years now.

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Check out the video for the full interview, in which Mayweather talks about McGregor and the many other MMA fighters who have, either for simple name recognition or skill improvement, thrown themselves into the world of boxing.