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WBC President wants tournament to crown one champion in each division

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It's probably a pie in the sky idea for boxing purists but Mauricio Sulaiman wants all the alphabet organizations to come together for a tournament to crown one champion in each weight class - 'for the fans.'

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman says the idea is still in its infancy but he wants to get all the organizations together to hold a tournament to find out who is the best fighter in each respective weight class.

"We are trying to do a Tournament of Champions to get the champions of the organizations to fight each other and that way we give to the public the fights they want to see and determine one world champion," Sulaiman told World Boxing News.

"We are just trying to move it along. Every organization has their own rules, their own agenda but we are just trying to get a tournament going for the fans."

Sulaiman says that his aim isn't to consolidate all the various organizations, but simply just to have a mutually beneficial tournament for all of them and the fans, after which each organization can go back to issuing their own belts and whatnot. I like the idea, mostly because I despise the notion of having seven or so 'champions' in each division, but with all the politics, agendas, and competing interests involved, I doubt this ever gets off the ground. It's fun to think about though.