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Quigg eyes fight with Nonito Donaire

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According to Scott Quigg's trainer Joe Gallagher, should Quigg get past Kiko Martinez this Saturday, he'll be lining up a fight with Nonito Donaire next.

(Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)
(Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images)

Scott Quigg's trainer, Joe Gallagher, says they have Nonito Donaire in their sights should Quigg successfully get past Kiko Martinez this weekend. Quigg has recently been in boxing news for trying to make a fight with Carl Frampton, but those negotiations went nowhere fast and both men are going their own separate ways (Frampton recently teamed up with Al Haymon and will be debuting on PBC this weekend).

"If he gets past Martinez, it'll be Nonito Donaire. It won't be Carl Frampton. The problem with that fight is Barry McGuigan," said Gallagher.

"They can dress it up all they want but Frampton was offered £1.5m. That's a very good offer and more money than some of Floyd Mayweather Jr's opponents get."

Gallagher goes on to say that Quigg has been vocal about getting a Donaire fight done and should it happen, it'll be a big fight. This kind of talk would suggest that Team Quigg aren't all that concerned about what they're getting into with Martinez this weekend, but hopefully doesn't mean they are truly looking past him.

How do you all feel about a Quigg-Donaire fight?