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Rigondeaux agrees in principle to fight Lomachenko at 124lbs?

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In what amounts to a Super Awesome Fantastic surprise of a prospective fight, Guillermo Rigondeaux has reportedly agreed in principle to a 124lb catchweight with Vasyl Lomachenko.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Try not to relieve yourselves as you read this, but this is the kind of news to get excited about! It's now being reported by multiple sources that Gary Hyde, manager of Gulliermo Rigondeaux, has accepted in principle an offer for Rigo to face Loma at a 124b catchweight.

"Rigondeaux will fight Lomachenko at a 124-pound catchweight, which should be no problem for Lomachenko because he weighed 125 pounds for one of his professional fights," said Hyde. "Rigo is a small 122-pounder who could make 118 without much trouble and he would be giving away size and weight advantages to Lomachenko."

This whole thing is pretty funny considering that Loma recently refused to fight Nicholas Walters at a catchweight, but I'm going to ignore that for a moment because this is one hell of a fight between two master craftsman.

"We would insist on a rehydration clause of 135 pounds for fight night. If Klimas agrees to this, then, we have a fight. Lomachenko is a masterful fighter like Rigo and this matchup will be a classic. We have a pair of two-time Olympic gold medalists and current world champions going at it. I believe Rigo is the more ferocious of the two fighters and I firmly believe he will dominate Lomachenko."

Did I say how much of an freakin' awesome fight this would be? Yeah - because it really is! How often do you get a chance to see two, two-time gold medalists go at it in a prize fight? I'd want to say this is a first, but I'll have to check in with our resident history buff Kyle McLachlan to be sure. It appears that all Lomachenko's team has to agree to is the rehydration clause and we've got a fight!

Who ya got in this one?!

Editor's Note: This is a quickly evolving story and now some are quoting Lomachenko's manager as saying they never offered a 124b catchweight and Rigo will have to fight him at a full 126lbs - which really puts a damper on my mood because it could prove to be a big sticking point. But at least the sides are talking and maybe they work something out.