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Mayweather Sr. would rather his son retire than take easy opponents

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Floyd Mayweather Sr. says that his son has expressed interest in getting a couple of easy fights before walking away, but would rather his son just retire instead.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

With training camp already underway for Floyd Mayweather Jr., the question continues to be who will be in the opposite corner come September 12th? Amir Khan has gone on record saying that he believes that he and Andre Berto are the two 'finalists' for the fight, which kind of gives credence to other rumors that Andre Berto will ultimately get the call because the fight will be aired on CBS and he'll command much less money than Khan.

Andre Berto has been talking up himself as a prospective opponent for Floyd lately, even mentioning a personal rift between he and Mayweather (something about Floyd having his flunkies call him up to question him about a woman while Floyd listens in on the other line). No, I swear I'm not making this up. I sort of wish I was though.

Any ol' way, Floyd Mayweather Sr. says that his son has indeed expressed to him his interest in getting in a couple of cakewalks before leaving the sport, which many believe Berto is, and that isn't going to thrill any fans.

"Floyd told me he just wants to get a couple of easy fights," which would suggest his son intends to fight into 2016.

"My honest opinion, if he feels that way, he should get on out of the game," Mayweather Sr. added.

Hey, I bet we can all get on board with this sentiment...