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Lomachenko-Rigondeaux talks ongoing, according to Gary Hyde

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Gary Hyde is still attempting to negotiate a bout with Vasyl Lomachenko on Guillermo Rigondeaux's behalf.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Just a few days ago Gary Hyde, Rigo's current manager, said that he had accepted an offer in principle for his fighter to face Vasyl Lomancheko at 124lbs, in a bout that would match two of the world's best technician's against one another - a really great fight. I, for some reason, foolishly believed this meant the offer had actually been extended by Team Lomachenko because, well, how can one accept an offer if it was never offered in the first place? The answer - apparently you just say things to get the fans hype in order to spark a dialogue with the other side.

Shortly after the initial story came out Egis Klimas, Lomachenko's manager, stated that he never offered Gary Hyde any fight at 124 and if Rigondeaux wanted to challenge Lomachenko, he'd have to come up to the featherweight division to do it. Gary Hyde now says they're trying to work out a deal for the two to fight at featherweight, with a rehydration clause of 134lbs.

"Egis said the fight must be at 126," Hyde said. "I pushed for a rehydration clause of 134 pounds max the day of the fight. He agreed on that. I will offer this to Rigo and I think he will agree. The main issue for us was that we thought Loma would weigh 140 on fight night. They are very interested in the fight. Egis agreed it's the biggest fight for both men at this point."

Egis Klimas has also confirmed that they are interested in making the fight with Rigondeaux, as long as he's willing to come up to 126lbs, and thinks the rehydration clause could be amenable.

"I need to check with Loma," Limas said. "But I think so. Loma never comes to the ring heavier anyway."

Hopefully the two sides can come together because this is a true masterclass fight. But if I learned anything from this whole thing it's that I'd rather hear it from Egis Klimas than Gary Hyde. ESPN's Dan Rafael is also reporting that a deal to make the fight between the two men is not close to being made yet, and cites Top Rank President Dave Moretti as saying there are no formal negotiations at this time.

"I don't know what Hyde is talking about. There's a little bit of interest on our side, but there have been no negotiations, no phone calls, no discussions about the fight," Moretti said. "No nothing. Lomachenko is also not interested in a catchweight fight."