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Mundine: I'm the best athlete of our era

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Anthony Mundine isn't going to just sit on the bench and hope for a big fight, he wants the Mayweather fight too!

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

Anthony Mundine accepts that Floyd is the best fighter of this generation, but he thinks he should be getting the September fight with Mayweather because he's the best athlete. He's been getting frustrated with his inability to get a big fight and wants to throw his name in the ring for Floyd. After writing an open letter as to why he should get the fight with Floyd last week, Mundine spoke with On The Ropes Boxing Radio.

"I was getting a bit frustrated, I wasn't really getting the fights I wanted to get. The fight fell through with Austin Trout and that was a fight I really wanted to make. I really want to fight the best and he (Floyd Mayweather Jr) is the best of our era. But I believe I am the best athlete of our era. Doing what I've done, nobody has walked my walk. I had to learn on the job."

No - Mundine isn't finished just yet. He has a well thought out rationale for why he thinks he makes for a better fight with Floyd.

"I know Floyd Mayweather is aware of me as a fighter, I just thought I would reach out to him. Not in a disrespectful way, I just wanted to get his attention. At the end of the day, I know it's a long shot, but I believe I can give him a much better fight than he's been getting. I think our styles are very similar."

Yup, Mundine was once referred to as the "Aboriginal Aussie Mayweather" due to his boxing prowess. The name wasn't catchy so it didn't stick, but feel free to throw him the compliment when you get the chance. But alas, a fight between he and Floyd Mayweather most assuredly won't happen, which is kind of a wonder considering that it's an obvious no-brainer.