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Mares-Santa Cruz press interview

Abner Mares and Leo Santa Cruz held a presser in LA yesterday where the two men talked about their upcoming fight.

Yesterday in Los Angeles, Abner Mares and Leo Santa Cruz held a presser to talk to reporters about their August 29th fight at the Staples Center. Leo starts off by talking about how the fight was supposed to be made a couple of years ago, but when he wanted the fight Mares didn't, and then when Mares wanted the fight...ummm...something ambiguous got in the way (he doesn't know what it was but you can't blame him for it!). Either way, the fight is now signed, sealed, and soon to be delivered.

Abner Mares showed up to the presser with his Romeo Santos haircut to say that he's going to stop Santa Cruz and show him what it's like to face another A-level fighter. He understands the criticism that both he and Leo have received for the level of opposition they've faced recently, but makes it a point to say that Leo's opposition has been much worse than his own. Abner says he won't fold under pressure, the beast will awoken, and he will emerge victorious come fight night.