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Frampton vs Gonzalez: Media workout quotes and photos

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Carl Frampton makes his U.S. TV debut on Saturday headlining a PBC on CBS card from Texas.


"I'm very excited. Fighting for the first time in the United States on CBS, this is an incredible opportunity for me to get great exposure.

"His dad was a great champion, a great fighter. I respect both Gonzalez Jr. and his father.

"It's just levels really, and I am at a better level than Alejandro Gonzalez Jr. He's a good fighter, I'm giving him credit. He will come to fight and make it interesting, but I have all the tools to beat him.

"He will try to keep it long, most of my opponents do. I can punch very hard and when I hit people they tend to go backwards.

"From the start he will try to keep it a long fight, but it's up to me to use tactics that will work. We have plan A and plan B, but we think plan A will work."


"My career was going excellent until I made a mistake and took a fight that I shouldn't have. My team was telling me no and I took the fight anyway which led to my first and only loss. They say ‘what doesn't kill you makes you stronger,' and I truly believe that.

"They call Carl Frampton a superstar in the UK. He has a world championship. I'm a contender.

"When I become champion, I will have a following, especially when I beat Carl Frampton.
"Everyone has a different style. I'm an intelligent fighter. I'm a Mexican that just takes punches. I can take care of myself. I'm 23-years-old and ready to fight a good fight against a good opponent.

"I have to take advantage of this opportunity. It is a great opportunity for me and I can't wait to fight on Saturday afternoon.

"There are weaknesses in Carl Frampton's game, but I can't tell you in case he hears my plan.

"Its easy to see a fighter and tell them they should have done this or that. It is different when you're in the ring. I always prepare 100 percent. I prepare for 12 rounds.

"I've only fought outside of Mexico one time and it was here in El Paso. I knocked my opponent out and I'm looking forward to repeating that performance.

"There's a ton of fighters in my weight class and I'm the one that got this opportunity."


"The main thing is to give the fans a great show. I am going to go for that title. I'm working and grinding.

"Training camp has been going very well. I have been in camp for six weeks. The main thing about this fight is my boxing performance. My weight is what it is, this is me.

"I may not have the six-pack, but I will have the punch to knock somebody out.

"I am committed to boxing. I love boxing, and this training camp has been good for me.

"I would be a fool to say that it doesn't cross my mind to fight again for the title. At the end of the day, Saturday is much more important than a title shot.

"I want my opponent out of that ring as soon as possible."