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Sam Watson: Berto ain't scared of Floyd, both fighters want it

Sam Watson believes that Floyd Mayweather will announce his fight soon, and that most likely it will be Andre Berto.

Sam Watson on Mayweather-Berto

"Floyd definitely wants to fight him, and he wants to fight two other people, too. He ain't scared of him. He wants big, bad Berto. He wants big, bad Andre Berto. Big, black, strong Haitian. He wants him. He wants him bad, too. But Berto wants him, too! He called me, 'Yeah, I want him!' If it goes down, it'll be fantastic."

"Berto wants the opportunity of a lifetime. He made the Mexican kid, what's his name, Alvarez? He made Canelo look bad. He made Pacquiao look bad. He made all them guys look bad. Now he gotta see if he can make Andre Berto look good."

"Style, I don't know, but Berto gonna be swingin' from the heels, Berto been -- don't count Berto out, Berto gonna be hittin' back. Shit, Floyd's smarter and smoother, but Berto gonna fight. Shit, Berto ain't scared of nobody. Andre Berto? From Haitia?! From Haiti, over there, when they blew up the city, he went over there, and tried to dig up bodies and all that. That's Andre Berto, baby, you better get ready."

"My money's on Floyd. I ain't got that much money, so no, but it's gonna be a great fight."

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