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Robert Garcia talks Chavez, Jr. training camp

New trainer Robert Garcia talks Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.'s attitude during his training camp for upcoming foe Marcos Reyes.

Considering Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.'s infamous reluctance to train, which has resulted in his alienation from such greats as Freddie Roach and Joe Goossen, one could be forgiven for expecting that his experience with new trainer Robert Garcia would be no different. According to Garcia, though, he's had no issues at all with the prodigal son.

"Julio's been training everyday and following instructions," he told FightHub.

He had been warned by many prior to the camp about both Chavez, Jr.'s work ethic and the interfering presence of Chavez, Sr., but neither premonition came to pass. The Mexican legend has stopped by the gym just three times and, each time, has been "more about carrying his granddaughter and taking [her] out to the horses."

His sole advice to Garcia? "Take care of my son; my son is really happy with you."

Garcia even says that Chavez has been easier to work with than some of his most famous charges.

"Everybody's happy. It's so much easier than I expected. It was harder with Chino [Maidana]...just teaching him, just getting him to understand the basics, it was a lot harder. It's benn a lot harder with Brandon [Rios], with fighting in the streets, getting in trouble with the law...It was harder with Kelly Pavlik, having a drinking problem."

Chavez has always had the grit and size to be a serious threat at 160 or 168. Maybe we'll finally get to see him at his best very soon.

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