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Letter to Floyd: No Berto, Please & Thank You.

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I may well have used up all my favors and clout in making Mayweather-Pacquiao happen, but I'm going to throw up a Hail Mary to spare us all from what would basically be a televised open workout session on September 12th.

Harry How/Getty Images

Dear Money Man,

Kindly do me a solid and pass on this proposed farce of a fight that is you and Andre Berto. Please and thank you. I know you've already beaten anyone that matters - but I don't care. Nobody really wants to see the best boxer of this generation take on the 20th rated welterweight in a glorified open workout, even if it is on free TV. I'm not saying that no one will tune in, but to put this in context, Boxrec has the likes of Frankie Gavin, Chris Algieri, Robert Guerrero, and Leonard Bundu all rated ahead of Andre Berto. And no matter how many times Sam Watson recites the phrase "Big Bad Berto," none of us are going to buy into it.

Perhaps if I appeal to your ego you'll be more receptive to my humble request. Berto doesn't have one, not one, tangible or intangible advantage over you, so like, what's the point?! You could probably have just an easy a time beating a credible opponent so why not at least make it look decent on paper? I just re-watched Berto's lastest win over Josesito Lopez, and here is some impugnable video truth as to why a fight with you is a joke.

1) Berto can be out-boxed just as easily as he can be out-fought. Josesito Lopez was doing both from the opening bell and shutting out Berto on my scorecard, before getting a debatable stoppage. No disrespect to Lopez, but, come on, if he can't easily out-box Berto what do you think we expect you to do? At least give us some semblance of competition.

From round one Lopez is just teeing off on Berto, who still seems confused about how to put together a good defensive posture. He tried the shoulder roll, failed miserably, and is now using this really high guard that is anything but impenetrable while routinely leaving his body wide open. Take a look at this below:

Recognize that jab to the body Lopez he hits Berto with? Well I do, because it one of your patented punches. Lopez landed this punch on Berto with frightening ease and regularity, so I can only imagine how effective this weapon will be for you keeping Berto at range, where he surely can't out-box you. Also note that Lopez, while crafty, isn't known to be a particularly slick fighter and Berto still is having a hard time landing on the target along the ropes. With your defense, it's hard for me to imagine him even seldom landing a punch.

2) I'm not fooled by Berto's physique, he can be bullied. Sure, if you just at these two men, Berto appears to be much physically stronger than Lopez. But taking a page out of the Robert Guerrero playbook, Lopez takes it right to Berto and is able to push him back almost at will.

3) Berto stands in front of his opponent way too much, with very little footwork or angles. This is suicide going up against a proficient boxer with your elite footwork. And truth be told, this is where the fight becomes way too easy for you.

Watch here as Berto does his best impression of a heavybag. He turtles up, and repeatedly just let Lopez fire off combinations while not even trying to avoid contact. If he stands in front of you like this, you will just pick him apart - but I'm sure you know this already and it's probably why you're salivating over this fight.

Now ultimately Berto was able to land a couple of hard shots on Lopez in the 6th round to get a stoppage win, but that stoppage was questionable, and Berto was well on his way to getting completely shut out up to that point. I have almost no confidence that he can even land a lucky punch on you. The odds are so bad that I might actually put a few bucks down on Berto because if lightning happens to strike, they payoff would be tremendous (see, I'm likening this to money and gambling, something I know you feel me on).

My point is, boxing is already a hard enough sport to love. The business always trumps the genuine competition. Do us lowly fans a favor by at least giving us the impression we're watching a competition by fighting a higher caliber opponent. I would much rather that than watching you provide a televised boxing tutorial on Andre Berto.

Yours Truly,

Grumpy Boxing Fan