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PBC on CBS - Frampton vs Gonzalez: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Carl Frampton and Chris Arreola take center stage in the afternoon portion of a day-night doubleheader from El Paso.


Carl Frampton will defend his IBF super bantamweight title and heavyweight slugger Chris Arreola returns to action this afternoon in a PBC on CBS doubleheader, starting at 4:00 pm EST. On CBS. Obviously.

Frampton (20-0, 14 KO) will be making the second defense of the belt he won last September from Kiko Martinez, after a successful first outing as world champion against Chris Avalos in February. The 28-year-old Irish star is now with Al Haymon, and looking to make a splash in the United States. Gonzalez (25-1-2, 15 KO) is all but unknown, a non-contender being brought in to showcase Frampton's ability, which is substantial, and to introduce an emerging top young fighter to a new audience.

Arreola (36-4, 31 KO) is coming off of a real bombs away slugfest in March, when he beat Curtis Harper over eight rounds. Today, the former title challenger faces Fred Kassi (18-3, 10 KO). It may not be a substantial fight on paper, but Arreola is really never in a bad fight, and always worth tuning in to see just for the action.

Patrick Stumberg will be handling the round by round duties for this card, so join him as he makes his BLH debut.

Quick Results:

Carl Frampton def. Alejandro Gonzalez by unanimous decision (115-109 x2, 116-108)

Chris Arreola and Fred Kassi fight to majority draw (96-94, 95-95 x2)


Carl Frampton vs. Alejandro Gonzalez

Round one: Gonzalez ducks a big left hook and clinches. Both men moving their heads very well early on. Stiff left hand stumbles Frampton, whose glove touches the mat for a knockdown. Frampton to the body. One minute in. Lead right connects for him, then a left hook to the body. Gonzalez firing back with body blows of his own. Straight right, left uppercut from the champ. Straight right connects. Body shot, 1-2 upstairs. One minute to go. Frampton digs to the body yet again, Gonzalez fires back with a big right. Gonzalez body shot. Frampton answers. Left hook lands for him. Both dig to the body, then a 1-2 form Gonzalez sends Frampton to his knee. He's up well in time, but it's a 10-7 round for Gonzalez.

Round two: Frampton moving forward as aggressively as ever. Gonzalez landing to the body. Clinch. Left hook lands for Frampton. Both whiff on right hands. Double  jab by the Irishman. Frampton digs to the body, Gonzalez does the same and strays low. One minute in. Frampton pushing forward behind his jab. Straight rights land for both men. Good right hand on the pivot by Frampton. Hard combination from Gonzalez in response. One minute to go. Frampton's jab is working well. Gonzalez sneaks in a straight right, takes a 1-2. 1-2-3 from Frampton, Gonzalez dodges well. Much better round for the champ. 10-9 Frampton, 19-17 Gonzalez.

Round three: Gonzalez lands a body shot, eats a right hand and is warned again for low blows. Gonzalez slams home a right hand that appears to go low as well, resulting in what I believe was a point deduction. Frampton aggressive on the reset. Gonzalez trying to jab as well. 1-1-2 by Frampton. One minute in. Right hand dings Frampton and the two trade haymakers in the corner.Both Men landing heavy shots. Triple jab by Frampton. Left hook lands for him. One minute to go. Straight right by the champ. Good right hand once again. 1-2-3, 3 connects. Gonzalez lands on the beltline and Frampton claims it's low. 10-8 Frampton with the point deduction, 27-27.

Round four: The pace doesn't show any sign of slowing down in the early going. Straight right by Frampton. Left hook lands. Stiff jab, right hand on the pivot. One minute in. Frampton cracks him with a left hook. Gonzalez is being outlanded by a fair margin. Left hook lands for Frampton. One minute to go. Gonzalez to the body on the counter. Nice counter left by the champ. Another hard left upstairs. Gonzalez is visibly slower than in the first round. Frampton's jab working very well in the latter portion of the round. 10-9 Frampton, 37-36 same.

Round five: Nice body shot from Gonzalez. Frampton controlling the fight with his jab. Gonzalez to the body, fires a couple jabs of his own. One minute in. Double left hook from the challenger. Gonzalez having a better round, but eats a 1-1-2. Gonzalez to the body, Frampton answers in kind. Again and Frampton adds an uppercut to the head. One minute to go. Gonzalez is landing some good shots on the counter, particularly to the body. Still, Frampton's jab is paying dividends. Gonzalez body shot, clinch. Nice left hook by the challenger before the bell. 10-9 Gonzalez, 46-46.

Round six: Frampton going right back to the jab. Gonzalez fires off a combination against his guard. Nice straight right knocks Gonzalez back. Double jab and lead right connect. One minute in. Counter right by Gonzalez lands. Body shot, Frampton answers with a left up top. Frampton's doing excellent work with his jab, lands a hard 1-2. One minute to go. Uppercut and left hook, both land clean. Hard right over the top. 3-2, Gonzalez takes it like a champ and comes back with a heavy straight right. Clinch. Corrita prods the body at the bell. 10-9 Frampton, 56-55 same.

Round seven: Gonzalez to the body to start. Frampton with a right of his own to the gut. Check hook lands for Frampton. Body blow by Gonzalez. Frampton straight right. One minute in. Gonzalez's defense is holding up this round. Gonzalez digs to the body, clinch. Frampton sticks a right to the body. One minute to go. Right to the body by Frampton, then a counter right. Gonzalez pops him with a lead right at the bell. 10-9 Frampton, 66-64 same.

Round eight: Straight right by Gonzalez. Frampton to the body. Nasty body shot prompts a clinch. Both men land well inside. One minute in. 1-2-3 connects for Frampton, clinch. Gonzalez body shot, Frampton left hook. Gonzalez targeting the body, eats another good shot upstairs. Frampton complaining to the ref about low blows, then immediately lands one of his own. They get a stern talking-to. 1-2-1 from Frampton. Straight right, right uppercut. One minute to go. Frampton to the body. Nice right straight after a jab exchange. Double left hook connects for the champ late in the round. 10-9 Frampton, 76-73 same.

Round nine: Clinch to start toe round. Body shots from Frampton. Gonzalez connects with some good counters. Left hook by the challenger. Both men are landing well, but the early exchanges favor Gonzalez. Straight right by Frampton, body shot from Gonzalez. 2-3 lands. One minute in. 2-3 from Frampton, who runs into a left hook. Frampton working behind his left hand. Clinch. One minute to go. Gonzalez's return fire is less active as the round progresses. Good left hook by Gonzalez, clinch. Straight right lands for the challenger. 1-2 for Frampton before the round ends. 10-9 Frampton, 86-82 same.

Round ten: Clinch early. Frampton staying busy with the jab and left hook in the early going. Gonzalez connects with a lead left hook. To the body, clinch. One minute in. Counter body shot by Gonzalez. Frampton with a right to the gut as well. Frampton complains of a low blow of questionable veracity. Frampton right hand, Gonzalez left hook. One minute to go. Lead right by the champ. Left to the gut. Clinch. Clinch. Combination from Frampton, clinch. Gonzalez touches the body before the bell. Neither man really stood out in that round. 10-9 Gonzalez, 95-92 Frampton.

Round eleven: Frampton lands to the body early. 1-2-3 by Frampton. Clinch. Both men dig to the body, with Frampton landing peppering jabs in between. Lead right by Frampton. One minute in. Gonzalez lands a lead right. Frampton right cross, clinch. Overhand right by Frampton. Both men prodding in this second minute. One minute to go. Left hooks from both. Again, Frampton's jab has been the deciding factor. Clinch. Low blow from Gonzalez and he loses another point. Frampton with a left hook, overhand right, and left hook at the bell. 10-8 Frampton, 105-100 Frampton.

Round twelve: Early clinch. Gonzalez to the body, clinch. Good combination from Frampton and they trade until Frampton ties up. Clinch. 3-2 by Frampton lands. Simultaneous left hooks. Oone minute in. Straight right and stiff left from the champ. Clinch. 1-2-1 by Frampton. Gonzalez chips away inside. Body shot from Gonzalez. One minute to go. Clinch. Frampton's defense is on point at the moment, lands a long left hand. Gonzalez is throwing with bad intentions and connects to the body before they tie up. Overhand right by the champ. 10-9 Frampton, 115-109 same.

Chris Arreola vs. Fred Kassi

Round one: Apologies; previous engagement ran long. We'll start with 10-10.

Round two: Kassi firing off the jab early. One minute in. Clinch. Arreola eats a right hook, clinch. Kassi circling well, despite being on the ropes, and lands a straight left before tying up again. Arreola really seems to be struggling with Kassi's jab and mobility. 2-1 from Big Fred. 10-9 Kassi, 20-19 same.

Round three: Kassi runs Arreola into a 1-2 before tying up. Both connect inside. 1-2 lands, then a straight left when Arreola tries to retaliate. Arreola lands an uppercut. One minute in. Arreola's getting him to the ropes but can't capitalize. Kassi now on the front foot. Kassi firing jabs with both hands. One minute to go. 1-2 by Kassi, left hook around the guard soon after. Kassi continues sticking him with the jab until the bell. 10-9 Kassi, 30-28 same.

Round four: Clinch early. Again. Arreola movees him to the ropes, Kassi ties up. Both men land good right hands. Another exchange of rights. One minute in. Both prod the  body. Fairly even round so far. Arreola connects with a left hook. Nice body shot from arreola, then a heavy cross. Another body shot. Kassi ties up; Chris is starting to frame with his forearm to good effect when Kassi tries to tie up. One minute to go. Kassi to the body. Kassi sneaks in a hook on the exit. Nice body shot from Arreola and another. Kassi bounces a pair of overhand rights off his head. Much better round for Arreola. 10-9 Arreola, 39-38 Kassi.

Round five: Arreola digs in a pair of rights to the body, then a clean uppercut. 1-2 by Kassi, clinch. Clinch. Body shot from Kassi. One minute in. Kassi digs inside. Good counter right from Arreola. Cross counter by Kassi, then a southpaw 1-2 into the clinch. Clinch. One minute to go. Arreola digs in a body shot and they clash heads. Arreola shoves him away when he tries to tie up. Arreola eats an uppercut and just falls short with a nasty right. Kassi finding his range with straight punches. Nice overhand right snaps Arreola's head back. 10-9 Kassi, 49-47 same.

Round six: Arreola prodding the body early on. Lead left and overhand by Kassi. He's landing more volume this round. Another good 1-2 into the clinch. One minute in. Arreola manages a cross inside, though he's still getting touched up at range by Kassi. Stiff jab by the American, then a hard left to the body. Nice combination by Kassi. One minute to go. Arreola backs him tot he ropes and lands some glancing blows. Hard right inside from Arreola, who doesn't seem able to match Kassi's volume. 10-9 Kassi, 59-56 same.

Round seven: Arreola doesn't look to chipper in the corner. Arreola eats a 1-2. Right hand to the head and body from the American, Kassi crowds him. Clinch. Arreola's getting his licks in, though nowhere near as many as Kassi and they aren't the dramatic bombs he needs. Good body shot lands. One minute in. Cross by Arreola. Overhand right by Kassi. Clinch. Kassi's showing some excellent shifting and jabs from both hands. Clinch. 1-2 by Kassi. Cross and another by Arreola. Another lead right lands. Kassi pops him with a straight left. Arreola gets in a good body shot and Kassi blatantly hits on the break. Good late surge from Arreola. 10-9 Arreola, 68-66 Kassi.

Round eight: Kassi starting off busy with the jab. Sweeping right lands for him. Lead right, left hook. Clinch. 1-2 by Kassi. Arreola with a glancing left hook to the body. Clinch. Uppercut on the exit by Kassi, who moves Arreola to the ropes in the clinch. Clinch. Again. Arreola visibly frustrated with this level of holding. Arreola digs to the body on the ropes. Both dig to the  body inside, then Kassi lands a pair to the head. Left hook connects for him. LEad right lands, Arrela lands one as Kassi angles off. Bell. 10-9 Kassi, 78-75 same.

Round nine: Kassi sneaks in a lead right. Arreola landing some good body shots now. Right hand behind the ear as Kassi steps away. One minute in. Arreola slams home another hook to the body, then a right for variety. Body shot, 1-2 by Arreola. This is his best round so far. Another good body shot by Arreola. Short uppercut and left hook connect. Kassi's either unable or unwilling to tie up as freely as before. One minute to go. Clinch. Arreola plodding forward and throwing with some urgency. Clinch. Kassi cracks him with a straight right. Arreola lands a few counters before eating a right hook. 10-9 Arreola, 87-85 Kassi.

Round ten: Kassi getting back to the jab early on. Straight right connects. Clinch. Left hook to the body from Arreola; that's been his most consistent punch of the fight. One minute in. Kassi moving well this round and lands a straight left. Arreloa clubs away inside. Clinch. Combination by Arreola. One minute to go. Right hook by Kassi, clinch. Arreola lands an uppercut inside. Straight left by Kassi. Hard 1-2 connects for him. Clinch. Clinch. Kassi lands another hard left at the bell. 10-9 Kassi, 97-94 same. Going by the thread, Arreola deserved a 10-9 in round one, for a score of 96-94 Kassi.