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Muhammad Ali's childhood home being restored into museum

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The now decrepit home where Muhammad Ali was raised is currently being restored to how it looked in the 50's when Ali lived there.

Photo collage includes home photo from WDRB
Photo collage includes home photo from WDRB

Muhammad Ali grew up in a small, non-descript home on Grand Avenue in Louisville, KY during the 1950's - a house has since decayed mightily over the years. But thanks to group of boxing fans, the house is currently undergoing restoration to recreate it's 1950's look when Ali was living there with the intent of turning it into a museum. The house will become a shrine to the legendary fighter that compliments the preexisting Muhammad Ali Center located downtown.

The home was purchased by Jared Weiss (a Las Vegas real estate investor and boxing fan) back in 2012 for $70,000, and with the help of Jesus and a Job (an organization that provides employment opportunities to people with past felony convictions or substance abuse issues), and Philadelphia attorney George Bochetto, they hope to open up the home as a museum starting this fall. Please check out the story from for more details.