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Haymon's lawyers respond to Top Rank lawsuit

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Lawyers representing Al Haymon have issued a response regarding the lawsuit filed by Top Rank yesterday.

None of us should have expected the man to come from behind the curtain and respond publicly to his new lawsuit, so Haymon's suits are taking care of it on his behalf. The attorneys at Kramer, Levin, Naftalis and Frankel who represent Haymon issued the following response to the Top Rank lawsuit.

"The lawsuit filed today (Wednesday) by Bob Arum and Top Rank is entirely without merit and is a cynical attempt by boxing's old guard to use the courts to undermine the accessibility, credibility and exposure of boxing that the sport so desperately needs.

"The Premier Boxing Champions series makes boxing free again, by bringing championship boxing to free TV, with a fighter-first promise and a commitment to the fans to restore boxing to the luster of its heyday. The continued success of this effort will far outlast this baseless lawsuit."

Clearly this is mostly just legal posturing and public relations rather than anything substantive, but the lawyers will surely get down and dirty for however long this drags out. The thing that stands out most to me about this statement is that it really only speaks to the good Haymon is doing for the sport by bringing boxing back to network TV, and doesn't specifically refute any claims that he's violating the Ali and Sherman acts. I would have to surmise that they're saving those arguments for the courtroom.