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The Bad Left Hook Pick'em Game: Season 27 - Week 5

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Happy July 4th, Americans!
Happy July 4th, Americans!
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It's a weak week but we must carry on. Sorry for the late notice for the Thursday fights, but you still have about 8 hours to get your picks in.

We already missed what will probably the best fight of the weekend over in Thailand, but perhaps you guys can find something of value in the three picks below. Just pick one to get your 10 point participation bonus and then let's just forget this week ever happen, m'kay?

Check last week's standings, including how many doubles and triples you have left, here.

Oh, and did you miss the POY standings I posted the other day? See those here.

Alrighty ... Let's get it get it get it!

For those that haven't played before, welcome to the best pick'em game going. Please join right in and start playing (just make sure to check out the rules - we promise they are very simple).

The numbers in your selections are binding, not the names which you can leave out. The numbers will suffice.

Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this post - it makes it easier for us to tabulate the results each week.

**** Remember you do not need to make a selection on every fight; you are free to PASS on any pick. But you must make at least one selection to receive the 10 point participation bonus****

A. Pick the winner - Gilberto Gonzalez vs. Hevinson Herrera (10:00pm EDT Thursday, July 2)

1. Gonzalez to win – risk 5.5 points to win 0.5.
2. Herrera to win – risk 0.5 points to win 5.5.

B. Pick the winner - Diego De La Hoya vs. Jose Estrella (10:00pm EDT Thursday, July 2)

1. De La Hoya to win – risk 6.5 points to win 0.5.
2. Estrella to win – risk 0.5 points to win 6.5.

C. Pick the winner - David Carmona vs. Warlito Parrenas (7:00pm EDT Saturday, July 4)

1. Carmona to win – risk 5 points to win 3.
2. Parrenas to win – risk 3 points to win 5.

Please fill out your selections as follows:

Enter the LETTER of the fight first, then whether it’s a single (1), double (2) or triple (3) followed by the NUMBER of your pick. (The name of the fighter and method of victory are optional).

**** You have 10 doubles and 5 triples to use over the 10 week season ****

For Selection A, if you want to use one of your doubles on Gonzalez...

A. (2) – 1

For Selection B, if you want De La Hoya without using a double or triple...

B. (1) – 1

For Selection C, if you want a triple on Perrenas ...

C. (3) – 2

Or, for Selection C, if you wish to pass...


Good luck!