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Mauricio Herrera: Danny Garcia not a real champ, doesn't deserve those belts

Mauricio Herrera says there's no real champion at 140lbs because Danny Garcia doesn't deserve or even bother to defend his belts in the weight class.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Mauricio Herrera is scheduled to take on Hank Lundy next weekend and says he's prepared for whatever Lundy brings to the table. But when asked about the140b landscape Herrera had high praise for Terrence Crawford, who he says chose to fight Thomas Delorme over him, yet still thinks Crawford is much better than Danny Garcia (who has now moved to welterweight).

Herrera goes on to say that Danny Garcia isn't a real champion, doesn't deserve his belts, and doesn't even bother to defend his belts so in his mind there is no real champion at 140lbs [it should be noted that the WBC recently forced Garcia to vacate their junior welterweight title but he still holds The Ring and WBA titles].

Herrera obviously has a bit of a bone to pick after losing a disputed decision to Garcia, but his comments aren't all that off base either. He continues to express his frustration in being unable to secure a rematch with Garcia but is confident that in due time fighters are going to be forced to fight the fights that the fans want. If he wants any hope of getting another shot at Garcia, it appears he's going to have to follow him up the scales.

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