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Andrade: Mudine calls out Floyd, but won't fight me in his own country

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Demetrius Andrade is frustrated that his proposed fight with Anthony Mundine fell apart, especially after hearing Mundine call out Floyd Mayweather.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Demetrius Andrade is just another one of those very talented fighters who can't seem to get a big fight (though some of that is by his own doing). In particular, Andrade vents his frustration about hearing Mundine call out Floyd Mayweather after he walked away from their fight with one another.

"We agreed to terms with Mundine's promoter but have heard nothing back since then," 27-year-old Andrade explained. "Mundine calls out (Floyd) Mayweather but he won't take a legitimate WBO World title fight at 154 pounds in his own country? Same old story, I guess. Everybody wants something until they have a chance to really get it."

Andrade has been on the shelf since beating Brian Rose in June 2014. Given his age, 27, and development, Andrade really should be fighting with much greater regularity, but being aligned with Banner Promotions hasn't afforded him a lot of options it would seem.

Andrade previously had a fight with Jermell Charlo brewing, but that fell apart after Andrade wasn't happy with his purse. He later tried to talk himself into big fights with Floyd Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, and even Erislandy Lara, but was unable to snag any one of them. Ultimately, he thought he finally found a palatable fight with Anthony Mundine when the two sides supposedly agreed to terms, but then Mundine's side went incommunicado.

"I don't understand," a frustrated Andrade added. "We offered this guy a chance to win the championship of the world in his home country and he looked for a way out instead? What kind of fighter is he? Any real fighter would do anything for that kind of an opportunity."

The way it's looking, Andrade could be sitting out for a while longer while he awaits an even marginal big fight. He may be better off taking an easy fight in the meantime just to keep sharp.