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Khan: Thurman should change his nickname from "One Time" to "Sometimes"

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Amir Khan wasn't at all impressed with Thurman's performance against Luis Collazo, and made it a point to let it be known.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Amir Khan, who isn't known for being particularly bashful, made it a point to let the world know that he doesn't think much of Keith Thurman's performance against Luis Collazo. Now to be fair, Thurman didn't have a great performance, but it's not as if Amir looked scintillating in his most recent performance against Chris Algieri either, so it's odd he's being so dismissive - but he is.

"[Collazo] was nowhere near the same fighter that I fought. The Luis Collazo that I fought had more confidence. I think me beating him dropped his confidence a lot. I put him down three times. Thurman didn't seem to hurt him. Obviously with that head clash, I think that kind of disheartened him, but he was in the thick of it. He was coming on strong and hurt him with some good shots."

Amir continued on to say that if there had been 30 more seconds in the round that Collazo hurt Thurman with a body shot, he thinks Collazo could've stopped Thurman, who he says had nothing left at that point. My summation of this is, well: if "ifs" and "buts" were candy and nuts, we'd all have a merry christmas. If Amir hadn't gotten clipped by Danny Garcia, he wouldn't have looked like a baby giraffe stumbling around the ring. See, we can apply the 'if' logic to everyone. But instead let's allow Amir to continue his analysis.

"Thurman is normally like a bully fighter, but when Collazo stood there in front of him and backed him up a little bit, I think Thurman didn't like that. It showed me and other fighters a lot now what Thurman's all about really. Thurman was the guy who was on his back foot. He's the one who was running."

"He calls himself 'One Time,' but he can't do it. I think he needs to change his name to 'Sometimes'".

OOHHHHH...BURNNNN! Now fight either Thurman or Brook if you're convinced they suck so much.