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Inaugural "Klitschko vs. Fury" press conference gets testy

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The outspoken Tyson Fury wasted no time in trying to get under the champion's skin, bringing out a litany of insults, condescension, and good old-fashioned bravado.

Guys, I think Tyson Fury might be a heel.

Earlier today, the English challenger joined heavyweight kingpin Wladimir Klitschko for their first press conference in preparation for their October 24th clash in Dusseldorf. He wasted no time in trying to worm his way into Klitschko's head.

I'm not going to put too many quotes, as Fury's non-stop assault is required watching, but here are a few choice snippets.

"You have about as much charisma as my underpants."

"This Klit is gettin' licked on October the 24th."

"David Haye is a b*tch, a p*ssy."

To his credit, Wladimir maintained a smile and plenty of sarcasm throughout the whole ordeal. When Fury joked that he'd hire Wlad as his therapist after knocking him out, the champ responded to the follow-up tirade very simply.

"This opening up, it's good for the therapy."

Considering we've still got three months until these two hit Germany, I'm expecting a whole lot more where this came from.