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WBO may strip Andrade

Demetrius Andrade has been put on notice by the WBO to "show cause" as to why he hasn't defended his title in 13 months.

Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

Demetrius Andrade could be stripped of his WBO junior middleweight world title shortly if he doesn't provide an adequate explanation as to why he hasn't defended his title in over a year. Keep in mind that Andrade's inactivity hasn't been due to any injuries. The WBO sent a letter to Andrade's team reminding them that they can use their discretion to vacate a title "if the champion fails to defend his title within a nine-month period." It's now been 13 months since Andrade defended his belt against Brian Rose.

Since that time, Andrade turned down a career-high purse of over $300,000 to face Jermell Charlo, which was reported to be part of a three-fight Showtime deal - but Andrade wasn't satisfied with the money. After that fight never materialized, there were a couple of other options that also went nowhere fast, and the WBO feels it has been plenty patient waiting for Andrade.

"The WBO has been more than lenient with Mr. Andrade, but he has clearly been inactive and the WBO must enforce its rules," the WBO wrote. "For this reason please be advised that you have a period of 10 days upon receipt of this communication to show cause as to why Mr. Andrade has not defended his belt. ... Failure to comply with this requirement will immediately result in the WBO junior middleweight title being declared vacant, without further hearing you."

Most recently, Andrade was in the midst of negotiations to travel to Australia to defend his belt against Anthony Mundine, but that fight has appeared to fall by the wayside as well, with both sides differing on why the potential title fight has fallen apart.