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Discussions begin to stage GGG-Lemieux

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Preliminary talks have begun to stage a fan-friendly title unification bout between Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Although promoter Oscar De La Hoya originally stated that he didn't want to make a GGG-Lemieux fight until next year, the current landscape may require pushing up that timetable. Lemieux doesn't appear to have any great options at the moment, and Gennady has been having a tough time landing a marquee opponent or securing a unification bout (which are his two biggest priorities).

"We're exploring options for David Lemieux and discussing things with Tom Loeffler [Golovkin's promoter from K2 Promotions]," De La Hoya told this week. "We'll see if we can make it. I'll sit down with [Golden Boy vice president] Eric Gomez and see if it's even possible. But my mind is always open to giving fans the best fights and this is one of the best fights."

Camille Estephan of Eye of the Tiger (Lemieux's co-promoter) fully believes that Golovkin would be a good fight for Lemieux, if the money is right, and thinks that his fighter has what it takes to put a hurting on GGG - but isn't looking to jump into anything.

"We can literally say that David is in the hurt business. Believe me, we think David will hurt Golovkin. Golovkin is certainly a great fighter, but without wanting to divulge our strategy we feel very good about our chances. People want to see Golovkin tested and we are willing if it makes business sense. We are talking and the door is open. Having said that, we are well aware that David is only 26 and is getting better day by day where Golovkin is now 33. So time is on our side. We're not in a rush."

If by some stroke of luck the two sides are able to come together and make this fight for this fall, which HBO will gladly pay for, it should be a can't miss action fight with wide appeal to all fans.