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Ortiz: Mayweather-Berto is embarrassing

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Victor Ortiz, like many others, thinks a potential fight between Floyd Mayweather and Andre Berto is god-awful.

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Victor Ortiz was in NYC at a premier of the new boxing flick "Southpaw" yesterday when TMZ caught up with him to ask him for his thoughts on Mayweather supposedly choosing to fight Andre Berto.

"That's embarrasing, bro. That's not even a fight. If anything dude, they both need to retire, or at least Floyd needs to give me some kind of a chance to redeem myself. I have no respect for that, I have no respectful reply for that," said Ortiz.

I even have to give props to Ortiz for showing enough self-awareness to know that he needed to walk away from the question before he went off the rails - although it probably would've been entertaining.

"If we keep going I'll say a lot of bad things," Ortiz concluded before leaving.

Now we all love to give Ortiz a hard time for some of his silly comments or actions, or both - but here I have to agree with the man, sans the rematch with Mayweather he calls for. Maybe the surfer dude does really have some sense in him.