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Angel Garcia: Peterson looked like he was on something and Danny still won

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Angel Garcia talks about his son's last fight with Lamont Peterson, who he says looked to be on something, and claims it wasn't Red Bull.

In this video interview with FightHype, Danny Garcia reflects on his Lamont Peterson fight, saying that although Peterson came on strong late, he still believes he had enough rounds in the bank to take the fight. His outspoken father and trainer, Angel Garcia, quickly interjected to give his thoughts on that fight, and we all know what to expect when Angel starts talking.

Angel started by talking about all the favoritism Peterson was receiving from the commentators during that fight, particularly from Sugar Ray Leonard, before taking aim at Peterson himself and basically saying he looked juiced up in that fight.

"At the end of the day, Peterson never sat down [during the fight], ok. I'm not saying what the f*ck he was on, I know it was no goddamn Red Bull. He looked like he was on some sh*t!"

Angel went on to admit that both sides had undergone anti-doping testing but explained that the results of the tests are supposed to be issued to both sides after the fight, and says they never received Peterson's results. So, yeah...