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Amir Khan: Brook hasn't proven himself, fight could be worth £100 million in the future

While his bid for Floyd Mayweather's final fight seems dead in the water, Khan doesn't think it's time for the obvious alternative yet.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

Amir Khan, taking a break fro his regularly scheduled routine of standing outside Floyd Mayweather's window while holding a boombox over his head, talked to the Liverpool Echo about a potential fight with domestic rival Kell Brook. It contained all the standard features of a Khan interview: a stubborn insistence that he's a "big name," repeated demeaning of his opponent's accomplishments, and a bizarre penchant for referring to himself in the third person.

In short, Khan wants to let the fight marinate, which has never backfired for anyone ever.

"The Kell Brook fight, at the moment, doesn't make sense," Khan said.

""Boxing is a business and it's not about getting the fight done with two young guys. The fight is not worth the money at the minute. Why make it a £5-10m fight when we could make it for £100m. I'm a big name globally. Kell Brook could walk past people in America and they wouldn't recognise him. When it does happen, Kell and Eddie will be happy because I made the right choice at the right time."

As optimistic as he was about the potential profit, he's not very high on Brook's resume.

""Look, he's (Brook) a world champion, but nowadays there's a lot of world champions - they get given belts without ever really proving themselves. He needs to go and fight some big names like Timothy Bradley, Marcus Maidana, or Keith Thurman."

Khan says this with, I believe, no irony despite having only fought one of those three himself, and that was five years ago. To his credit, he did float the idea of facing some of the division's other heavy hitters, including a former training partner.

""I think the Pacquiao fight keeps coming up and it could be a big fight in Dubai. You've also got people like Keith Thurman; some decent names in the welterweight division. At the moment I will listen to my advisor Al Haymon and take it from there.""

Khan (31-3-, 19 KO) has fought thrice in the welterweight division, defeating Luis Collazo, Devon Alexander, and Chris Algieri. Brook (35-0, 24 KO), meanwhile, has knocked out six of his last seven opponents, stopping Jo Jo Dan and Frankie Gavin earlier this year.

Before I turn it over to the comments, though, enjoy Amir Khan's fondness for his own name/

""Eddie Hearn (Brook's promoter) was asked the question himself; he was asked whether Amir Khan was ready to fight Floyd Mayweather and he said 'yes'. Is Kell Brook ready for Mayweather? He said 'no'. That says it all."

"At the moment it's me doing all the hard work and it would sell because of Amir Khan - not Kell Brook.""

""With me and Kell Brook; I have been there and done that whereas Kell has won a world title but hasn't really proven himself by fighting the big names. To me, it seems like he wants that one big payday, he doesn't want to leave behind a legacy - just that one big fight against Amir Khan.""