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Frampton: I'll fight Quigg in Manchester, but I'm the boss in negotiations

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Carl Frampton says he's still willing to fight Scott Quigg at 122lbs, but Quigg has to realize that he's the A-side in negotiations.

Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

There was a lot of disappointment from fans once they heard that Carl Frampton was looking to move up to featherweight, which would presumably nix a Scott Quigg fight for the time being - but Frampton says that's not the case and he's still willing to take on Quigg at 122lbs in Quigg's backyard of Manchester, England. He just wants Quigg to play his position at the negotiating table.

"The message is bring it on if you want, but remember who the A-side fighter here is," Frampton told BBC Radio. "When you come to negotiate you can't be making too many demands.

"If he really wants the fight I'm happy to fight him in his own backyard, but we just need to remember who's the boss when it comes to negotiating."

Frampton goes on to dismiss any weight issues forcing a move to 126lbs, saying that he just misjudged things a bit during his last training camp and that he can still make 122lbs. He admits it's a 'hard slog,' but says he's done it so many times before.