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Stevenson tweets he's fighting Tommy Karpency on September 11th

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According to the man himself, he'll be taking on Tommy Karpency in Toronto on Sept. 11.

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Adonis Stevenson took to twitter last night to tell the world that he will be taking on Tommy Karpency in Toronto, September 11th. When I first heard about this potential fight from Kathy Duva, I was hoping it was only slanderous hearsay - but apparently it wasn't.

There you have it, Karpency and a gold brick! It's hard for me to connect the dots on those two things, unless that's really fool's gold, which would then make perfect sense to me. Karpency (25-4-1, 14 KOs) is rated 16th by boxrec and 9th by the WBC, with three of his four losses coming at the hands of Andrzej Fonfara, Nathan Cleverly, and Karo Murat. He was really considered just a fringe contender, with the emphasis on fringe, but raised his profile when he outpointed Chad Dawson to win a split decision last December. Despite the boxing world being at least acutely aware that Dawson is just a shell of himself since his Andre Ward fight, beating a name fighter does often come with its perks - and Karpency just got one.

What will most likely be discussed leading up to this bout is how far in the fight will Karpency actually make it, and not whether or not he has any real chance to win. Well, does anyone think he has a real chance to win here?