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Golden Boy inks deal with Estrella TV

GBP has just signed a three year deal with Spanish-language network Estrella TV.

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Fox Sports opted out the Golden Boy business to sign up with Al Haymon's PBC series last month, and now Golden Boy has found a new network deal with Estrella TV. The deal is for three years which will reportedly broadcast two live cards every month, with the first show scheduled for September 4th.

Now keep in mind the Estrella TV is a Spanish-language network and a Golden Boy spokesman said last month that their company had a number of English-language networks interested in making a deal. Whether that interest was feigned, fizzled, or is still being worked-out is unknown at this time, but I would assume that Golden Boy knows it needs to make a splash in other markets than Latinos if they are to continue growing their brand. But for now though, Oscar is content with what he put together here.

"Estrella TV is one of the top-rated networks across the U.S. among Hispanic audiences so it was an easy decision to partner with them in bringing live, exciting boxing matches to their viewers across America," said Golden Boy Promotions Chairman and CEO Oscar De La Hoya. "Latinos comprise the largest fan base for our sport so we see this partnership with Estrella TV as a great opportunity to showcase our stable of fighters before an audience that is hungry to watch action-packed match-ups."

According to a Golden Boy press release, Estrella TV is the only network (in English or Spanish) to show two consecutive years of growth during prime time hours.