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Amir Khan talks potential Brook fight in 2016

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Khan gives his thoughts on putting together a Kell Brook fight next year.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Now that Amir Khan is starting to weigh his options outside of a Floyd Mayweather fight, he seems to be more willing to discuss finally fighting his longtime domestic rival in Kell Brook. Khan even says that he's now had some discussions with Brook's promoter, Eddie Hearn.

"Eddie [Hearn of Matchbook Boxing] sent me a text and I invited him to Bolton," Khan told The National. "We had a meeting at my office and discussed everything for a potential fight against Kell Brook in 2016.

"I have made it clear to Eddie that I want this fight to be a big fight worldwide, not just in the U.K. I told him Kell needs to fight a couple of big names and beat them, obviously. The fight will be a Khan Promotions and Matchroom Promotions event in the UK, at Wembley Stadium."

Khan telling Hearn that Brook needs to win a couple more notable fights before he thinks a fight between them will hit a fever pitch obviously means their potential fight wouldn't happen until late next year. It would seem to me that now is a good time to make that fight, particularly since so much can happen between now and next year - and being that many see this as a toss-up fight, the competitive nature doesn't need to marinate. Of course, Khan himself doesn't see a fight with Brook as a toss-up.

"Do I think this is a 50/50 fight? Absolutely not. Kell is a very comfortable opponent for me. Styles make fights and his style is perfect for me. I will beat him very easily. He won't be able to handle my speed, power and footwork."

What do you think, is next fall too far off for a Khan-Brook showdown, or could it be right on time?