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Luke Campbell ready for Tommy Coyle showdown

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Luke Campbell and Tommy Coyle are set to square off in a lightweight title eliminator this Saturday in Hull, England.

Christopher Lee/Getty Images

British lightweight fighters Luke Campbell (11-0, 9 KOs) and Tommy Coyle (21-2, 10 KOs) will throw down this weekend to get one step closer to becoming Jorge Linares' mandatory title challenger. The two will fight this Saturday at Craven Park, in front of both of their hometown fans in Hull. Looking ahead to their fight this weekend, Campbell says he's ready for anything Tommy Coyle brings to the table.

"Tommy says he loves a war, but in his last few fights he has boxed on the back foot," Campbell said. "If you are doing that, you are not going in for a war -- you are going in to box. I've prepared for anything that he can bring and I am ready. I'll go in there and do what I do best. I know I can hurt him and we'll see if he wants a war when I do."

Despite Campbell and Coyle hailing from the same city and being once close friends, they are now described as having a strained relationship after Eddie Hearn built up this fight that the local fans have wanted to see for over a year now. For Campbell, he says it's just business as usual.

"I don't dislike Tommy. He's an obstacle in the way to reach my goals, that's it," Campbell said. "When all the talking is done and it's just me and him in the ring, that's it -- not talking, boxing. There's a nasty streak in me, definitely. People can take me however they want to take me, but as soon as the bell goes then I want to hurt the guy in front of me."

Who are you favoring in this domestic showdown, Campbell or Coyle? And do you think either one of them can outclass Jorge Linares?