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Kathy Duva extends 'very fair' offer to Beterbiev for Kovalev showdown

Kathy Duva has made an initial offer to Yvon Michel for a Kovalev-Beterbiev bout this November.

Minas Panagiotakis/Getty Images

Main Events promoter Kathy Duva continues to look towards making an all-Russian action fight between Sergey Kovalev and Artur Beterbiev this fall. The plan is already in place for Kovalev to fight in Moscow on November 28th, which would mark only the third time that Sergey has fought in his home country, and Duva wants to make the fight a big deal.

Many people wonder how a fight with Beterbiev could even be possible being that Beterbiev is an Al Haymon managed fighter, all of which were effectively banned by HBO (who has Kovalev under contract). Well, Duva says that HBO brought the name to her - suggesting they would be willing to make this exception. With that being the case, Duva went ahead and sent an offer to Beterbiev's promoter, Yvon Michel.

"I sent Yvon a very fair offer on Monday," Duva said. "Yvon responded that he really wants to make the fight and that my offer was 'a good start in the right direction.' He is on vacation right now. Yvon said that he will meet with Beterbiev [next week] and will get back to me shortly afterwards."

It is being reported that in the offer Duva extended, she did not ask for multiple options on Beterbiev, which is fairly common practice for non-mandatory bouts, only the standard rematch clause should Kovalev lose. Duva's request is supposed to show that she is indeed serious about making this happen in a fair manner.

"We really want to close it," Duva said. "And Sergey can't wait to kick Beterbiev's ass or, as Sergey so colorfully put it, 'It's an exciting chance to crush his career instantly!"

Any boxing fan worth his or her weight will surely tell you this is a can't miss fight, as it would be very highly anticipated. Hopefully all sides will be able to come together and make this one a reality.

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