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Report: Tony Thompson tested positive for diuretic/masking agent after second Price knockout

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Thompson failed a post-fight drug test for hydrochlrorothiazide after his rematch with David Price, the announcement of which was delayed by the American's failed appeal..

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Things aren't grrrrrrreat for "The TIger" right now.

Look, it was an easy joke. Sue me.

The UK's Daily Star reports that the American heavyweight, who was last seen finishing a terribly out-of-shape Odlanier Solis in February, tested positive for hydrochlorothiazide after his second drubbing of David Price back in 2013.

Yes, 2013. Why are we only hearing about this now? UK Anti Doping explains:

“The athlete instigated a lengthy legal process, including filing an appeal which he failed to progress and which was ultimately dismissed.”

In his defense, Thompson claimed that he took the drug therapeutically to treat his high blood pressure, a claim he doubled down on in a statement he gave via his attorney.

Price himself first got word of the test failure this past Sunday.

Thompson received an eighteen-month ban from the British Boxing Board of Control, but that ban was only enforceable in the UK, which allowed him to compete four times since. Interestingly, the Star also reports that he received a twelve-month ban from the Austrian Boxing Federation following his loss to Kubrat Pulev for the same substance.

It's worth mentioning that Thompson argued for the legalization of doping prior to his first fight with Price, which might not help his case.

Another day, another failed drug test. Sports, everybody!