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2012 gold medalist Katie Taylor added to Lee-Saunders undercard

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Ireland's greatest amateur boxer will headline the undercard for the upcoming WBO title bout.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

If the Irish fans weren't already stoked for the upcoming title fight between their own Andy Lee and England's Billy Joe Saunders, they are now. reports that one of the nation's premier sports icons, Olympic star Katie Taylor, will headline the undercard for the September 19th bout in front of 34,000 at Thomond Park.

The 29-year-old Taylor had been winning amateur titles since 2005 and was in prime form when the sport was added to the 2012 London games, eventually defeating Russia's Sofya Ochigava 10-8 to earn the gold medal. She went on to earn "Sportsperson of the Year" for 2012 in her native Ireland and will turn what was already a blockbuster event into a historic night for Irish boxing.

Taylor actually has some history with Saunders, who made an ass of himself last week with some disparaging comments towards women's boxing.

"I think women are there for sex. Every night. Hard sex. Women's [sic] there for cleaning, cooking, washing and sex. They're not there to put a [h]eadguard on and get punched in the face, although, I must say, Katie Taylor's done extremely well and she once punched Frankie Gavin up in sparring."

Taylor took the comments in stride, while Lee promised to teach Saunders a "painful lesson." In his defense, he did eventually apologize, though he bungled it in the home stretch.

"I don't want to be painted as a man who thinks women are there for cooking and sex - even though they're still good at it."

Feet in mouths aside, Irish fans are certainly in for a treat this September.