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Duva: Conflicting July 25th cards in Las Vegas just an example of Haymon's behavior

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Main Events promoter Kathy Duva takes exception to Al Haymon staging a conflicting card on the same day, in the same city.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images

Kathy Duva of Main Events says she was not surprised to learn that Al Haymon scheduled a PBC card on July 25th - the same day her prized fighter, Sergey Kovalev, is scheduled to face off with Nadjib Mohammedi on HBO. To add insult to injury, from her perspective anyway, Haymon's card (to be aired on NBC Sports) will be hosted at the Palms Resort & Casino, not far from Kovalev's fight at the Mandalay Bay.

"It's another example of his behavior," Duva said of Haymon, who was sued Wednesday by Top Rank for $100 million for allegedly violating antitrust laws. "In a way, I take it as a compliment that he sees us as a threat."

Haymon's PBC card on July 25th will be headlined by a fight between Beibut Shumenov (the man who foolishly went into the biggest fight of his career without a trainer) and B.J. Flores. But as a silver lining for Duva, she doesn't think this conflicting card will do much damage to her own.

"Nothing against the two fighters, but if he's going to sabotage us, he needs to come up with a better fight than this," Duva said. "We're not going to worry about what they're doing. We're going to focus on promoting our fight."

Now it should be said that having multiple fight cards on the same day isn't exactly unheard of, but having them take place within the same city is usually not the case. Are these conflicting cards really an example of Haymon trying to bully and drown out other promoters, or could this simply be Haymon taking care of his own business?