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Robert Garcia says Brandon Rios fight with Kell Brook not happening

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Robert Garcia says in this video interview that he and the rest of Team Rios is unhappy with Brandon's inability to land a fight.

Brandon Rios hasn't fought since January and with half the year already gone, he still doesn't have anything on the schedule. There were a lot of talk that he was going to be taking on Kell Brook in the UK, but it appears those negotiations have fallen apart. Rios' trainer, Robert Garcia, stated a while back that they weren't at all satisfied with what Eddie Hearn was initally offering for the fight but they expected it would all get negotiated and would find some middle ground. Well, it appears there's no middle ground to be found and the fight is going nowhere fast. Garcia isn't happy about this and insinuates that Matchroom has been jerking Rios' chain for some time now.

This whole situation is obviously is quite disheartening for Team Rios who thought they were riding a great showing with their most recent win over Mike Alvarado. For me, it was hard for me to determine whether Brandon really looked great in that fight or if it was really just a function of Alavardo looking terrible. It could quite possibly have been a combination of the two.

Since Robert Garcia says Brandon really needs to stay active, and with half the year gone and nothing on the horizon, it's not a good situation to be in. Even worse, considering that Top Rank's in-house stable of welterweights if mightly thin, Brandon may be sitting on the shelf for a while longer.