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Karim Mayfield states his case for Mayweather fight

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Karim Mayfield says that hearing Floyd Mayweather mention his name as a possible opponent is music to his ears. Now he just has to convince the man to give him the nod.

When Floyd Mayweather mentioned first mentioned Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield as his next potential opponent a lot of people thought it was meant to be a troll job on Amir Khan - that is until Mayweather insisted he was 100% serious about those candidates. So with Mayfield hearing his name being in the running for the biggest opportunity of his career, he makes it clear why he thinks he should get the call over both Berto and Khan.

"No disrespect to Andre Berto, he's a good fighter and we have a mutual respect for one another, but he's not as durable as I am. Berto has two losses against opponent's Floyd has already defeated. I've never been dropped, battered or bruised in any of my fights. I bring a rough style to this fight, a style the fans want to see Floyd up against. In addition, the Bay Area is a big media market and I know all my fans here would rise up and support me. My brother La Ron and I, who are independent, sold out my last fight in San Francisco. I'm confident we can bring a big crowd to Las Vegas. It's only an hour fight away."

To be clear, Floyd isn't choosing either Mayfield or Berto because of their 'drawing power.' Floyd doesn't need Mayfield to bring a crowd to Las Vegas, even if that is a far-fetched idea. Karim is much better off playing up the angle that he would make for the better fight, even if it might not be true. And to that end, Mayfield says should Floyd choose Amir Khan, that would be Floyd taking the easy route.

"Every time I sparred Amir Khan at Virgil Hunter's gym, I put hands on him," Mayfield declared. "So bad that Virgil had to stop the sparring sessions. Khan has also been brutally knocked out twice by Prescott and Garcia. The man has no chin and he wouldn't last twelve rounds with Money Mayweather. He's definitely the safer route."

"No one can deny my heart and determination to fight the best," Mayfield continued. "I've been the ring with everyone. I soundly beat Herrera, I whooped Pacquiao and Khan in sparring. Shawn Porter refused to step in the ring when he had the choice to fight me or Erick Bone with only one day notice. A lot of fighters have ducked me because I'm a serious threat to anyone."

Mayfield has been in the ring with a number of top guys in the sport, whether it be during fights or sparring sessions, but he's also lost a couple fights to the likes of Emmanuel Taylor and Thomas Dulorme - making it hard to believe he's any real threat Mayweather. Is there anyone out there who truly thinks Karim can give Floyd a run for his money?