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Rumor: Mayweather's September 12th fight could air on CBS

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There are some rumors that Mayweather's last fight may be aired on free network television.

Al Bello/Getty Images

File this under the rumor category for now, but there are some who are hearing that Floyd's September 12th fight at the MGM Grand could be aired on CBS - meaning no PPV nor any premium cable subscription required. Could this be Mayweather's final grand gesture for his swan song? It's really anyone's guess, but lord knows the man doesn't need PPV sales after raking in at least $220M in his last fight with Manny Pacquiao.

With the date and venue already set, Mayweather just needs to select an opponent and he seems content to take his time in making his announcement seeing that we're just two months away. So whether or not you believe there is anything to this rumor, let's just take it at face value for the sake of discussion. Would Mayweather making his 'final' bout on network television have any tremendous benefit to the sport of boxing? Surely the ratings would be good, but could it have any lasting effect to keep boxing in the mainstream spotlight?