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The Bad Left Hook Pick'em Game: Season 27 - Week 6

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PBC is back, friends, and we've got several props on the card for your picking pleasure.

Remember the rules for our new prop bet: Will a fighter be knocked down? If you think not, or just don't like the odds, just PASS. Any official knockdown counts, whether or not the fighter gets up.

So for Selection B, if you want a single on Nelson being knocked down...

B. (1) - 1

Check last week's standings, including how many doubles and triples you have left, here.

Alrighty ... Let's get it get it get it!

For those that haven't played before, welcome to the best pick'em game going. Please join right in and start playing (just make sure to check out the rules - we promise they are very simple).

The numbers in your selections are binding, not the names which you can leave out. The numbers will suffice.

Please follow the instructions at the bottom of this post - it makes it easier for us to tabulate the results each week.

**** Remember you do not need to make a selection on every fight; you are free to PASS on any pick. But you must make at least one selection to receive the 10 point participation bonus****

A. Pick the winner - Tony Harrison vs Willie Nelson (9:00pm EDT Saturday, July 11)

1. Harrison to win – risk 6 points to win 2.
2. Nelson to win – risk 2 points to win 6.

B. Will a fighter be knocked down? - Tony Harrison vs Willie Nelson (9:00pm EDT Saturday, July 11)

1. Nelson will be knocked down – risk 3 points to win 3.

C. Method of victory - Keith Thurman vs. Luis Collazo (technical decision counts as decision, DQ counts as stoppage - 9:00pm EDT Saturday, July 11)

1. Thurman to win – risk 11 to win 1.
2. Thurman by stoppage – risk 7 to win 5.
3. Thurman by decision – risk 4 to win 8.
4. Collazo to win – risk 1 to win 11.

D. Over/Under (12 Rounds) - Keith Thurman vs. Luis Collazo (9:00pm EDT Saturday, July 11)

1. Over 8 1/2 – risk 4 points to win 4.
2. Under 8 1/2 – risk 4 points to win 4.

E. Pick the winner - Mauricio Herrera vs. Hank Lundy (9:45pm EDT Saturday, July 11)

1. Herrera to win – risk 6 points to win 4.
2. Lundy to win – risk 4 points to win 6.

Please fill out your selections as follows:

Enter the LETTER of the fight first, then whether it’s a single (1), double (2) or triple (3) followed by the NUMBER of your pick. (The name of the fighter and method of victory are optional).

**** You have 10 doubles and 5 triples to use over the 10 week season ****

For Selection A, if you want to use one of your doubles on Harrison...

A. (2) – 1

For Selection B, if you think Nelson will go down without using a double or triple...

B. (1) – 1

For Selection C, if you want a triple on Thurman by decision...

C. (3) – 3

For Selection D, if you want a single on the under...

D. (1) - 2

For Selection E, if you wish to pass...


Good luck!