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Hank Lundy reunites with original trainer for Herrera fight

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Hank Lundy has teamed back up with Charles Ramey, the trainer that raised him from the amateurs to the professional ranks, ahead of his clash with Mauricio Herrera.

Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

Hammerin' Hank Lundy is set to take on Mauricio Herrera this weekend on HBO Latino. Being that Lundy is only 3-3 in his last six fights, he thinks it's time for him to go back to his roots and recapture what made him an undefeated fighter through his first 16 professional fights. Those roots begin with trainer Charles Ramey.

"I went back to who started me, Charles Ramey and I was 16-0 with him. This will be my first fight with him in a while and we're about to start something new again."

Lundy says he parted ways with Ramey a while back over a trivial dispute, but through the course of time he's matured and learned to leave the pettiness behind him.

"In time, you humble yourself and you become mature. We've been working and everything happens for a reason," Lundy said. "Charles raised me since the amateurs. Fighters sometimes come into a zone where they think we're higher than what they are. I think that happened to me earlier in my career. The plan is to stick to a game plan, listen to my corner and adjust to anything Herrera has for me."

With Lundy and Ramey back on the same page, they expect to bring a boxing style into the ring that'll trouble Herrera - who they assess has had his best success against fighters who like to brawl (i.e. Provodnikov and Garcia). I wouldn't really rate Danny Garcia as a brawler but he does like to mix it up a bit.  And should Lundy be able to get past Herrera this weekend, he hopes it'll put him in line to face Garcia next.

"It's a fight I've been looking forward to, but Danny wouldn't want to fight me," Lundy said. "I bring too much heat for him. When I sparred him, he knows I schooled him. I won't say Danny is afraid of me, but he's aware that dealing with me is a whole different fighter. Herrera I thought beat Garcia. I'll keep it real..."

But first things first, Lundy needs to take care of business on Saturday night as Herrera is certainly no pushover. Who do you like in this fight?