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Jessie Vargas appeals decision loss to Tim Bradley

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In a more or less anticipated action, Jessie Vargas has filed a formal appeal to overturn his decision loss to Tim Bradley after the referee ended the bout too soon.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Jessie Vargas has now filed a formal appeal with the California State Athletic Commission due to the controversial ending of his fight with Tim Bradley on June 27th. Vargas wants his decision loss overturned to a no contest because the referee, Pat Russell, mistakenly ended the fight seven seconds early thinking he heard the final bell (which was really the 10-second clapper). It was a really tough break for Vargas who has just seconds earlier landed a monster right hand that badly hurt Bradley, and was looking for a chance to land one final shot to take him out before Russell intervened to prematurely end the fight. It looked to be a honest mistake on Russell's part, but it was a mistake that could've possibly cost Vargas the title.

"Normally it's 36 minutes for a fight, right? It was a little under that right when he was hurt, right when he was out on his feet, and all I needed was one last punch," Vargas said. "The referee stepped in, looked at Bradley, waved the fight, and I said, 'I'm a new world champion, interim champion, whatever it was.' And unfortunately, they came back to me and said, 'Oh, no, I made a mistake. The fight's over.'"

Commission executive officer Andy Foster has said that they haven't yet decided on whether or not to hear Vargas' appeal, and that he's still reviewing the supporting documentation. If nothing else, I think Vargas definitely deserves the opportunity to state his case in front of the commission. If the commission does decide to hear him out, it won't happen until the next commission meeting in late August or early September.

Tell me fans, does Vargas deserve to have his loss overturned to a no contest?