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Tim Coleman may face murder charge

Tim Coleman, a former junior welterweight contender, could possibly be facing a murder charge along with his wife for the alleged stabbing death of an elderly woman.

Clark County Detention Center
Clark County Detention Center
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Tim Coleman (19-4-1, 5 KOs), 31, a former junior welterweight contender who fought professionally from 2005-2013, could be the second person formally charged in the stabbing death of 84-year-old Mary Luebec, a woman who was reportedly Coleman's neighbor. Just as an advance warning, I'll tell you all that the story behind all of this is stranger than fiction and rather disturbing.

The first person arrested in this stabbing death was Coleman's wife, Margarita Balandova, who has been charged with home invasion, robbery, felony murder, burglary, and arson. But Clark County prosecutor, David Stanton, has reportedly told a judge that he will seek an indictment against Coleman as well. According to Stanton, the nature of the crime, which involves the violent stabbing of an elderly grandmother to the head, neck, and chest could qualify this as a death penalty case. Coleman has already been arrested in Las Vegas, but on an unrelated felony vehicle vandalism case for which he's being held on $10,000 bail.

Starting from the beginning, Mary Luebeck was gruesomely stabbed to death in her home on July 29th, with her credit cards, purse, jewelry, and cash being stolen from the residence, according to police reports. According to prosecutor David Stanton, Balandova's fingerprints were found on the blinds where Luebeck's daughter discovered her mother's body, along with bloody footprints across the tile floor. A gas stove burner was left on at the home, but didn't ignite a cardboard box nor a bottle of window cleaner left nearby. Balandova was arrested last Thursday and held without bail.

Police reports indicate that Coleman told detectives that his wife left their home early and alone on July 29th, and returned some hours later without shoes and with blood on her clothes. Coleman reportedly told police that Balandova told him upon her return that she had killed someone, and that he took her clothes to burn them. Yet Balandova reportedly blames Coleman for the killing, saying that she walked through Luebeck's home looking for Coleman.

Oddly enough, posts made from Coleman's now deactivated Facebook account indicate that he first met his wife while she was attempting to burglarize his home.

"I remember the first time i saw her. I was just geting [sic] up from a hangover at 6pm and some drunk girl. Pushed open my door i jumped up to kick her out but when i got close. To her. I could. Not stop gazeing [sic] onto. Her eyes i had the biggest smile on my face," Coleman posted on his wall.

Apparently nothing fertilizes the seeds of love like felonies...More on this story as it develops.

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