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Mayweather: Roger's deteriorating health has influenced my decision to retire

In this candid interview with Fighthype, Floyd talks more about why he selected Andre Berto as an opponent and gets more personal when talking about how his Uncle's failing health assured him that retiring is the right decision.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this personal video interview, Floyd Mayweather talks about how his uncle's rapidly deteriorating health has influenced his decision to hang up the gloves. The candid manner in which he talks about Roger really gives me much more inclination to believe that he does in fact intend to leave the sport - maybe really after this fight.

Floyd began by stating that what the general public doesn't know is that his uncle, and former lead trainer, Roger Mayweather has lost a lot of his memory - something he attributes to Roger's boxing career. He says although Roger is only in his 50s, he already seems like a man in his 80s who is fading fast. Floyd goes on to say that he dearly loves his uncle and it hurts him to see Roger's health deteriorating to the point where Roger no longer even recognizes him. Having lost my own grandmother to a long bout with Alzheimer's disease, this really hit home for me - particularly since I can sympathize with the pain of seeing a close loved one look at you like a total stranger.

Floyd also goes on to tell stories about how Roger wasn't at the gym yesterday because he wandered off and got lost, and another instance where Roger ended up walking from the MGM Grand all the way back to his house a day before the Pacquiao fight - about a 20-mile distance. He also talks about Roger having a breakdown during the NVBHOF induction ceremony that just passed.

Ultimately, watching Roger fade up close and personal has reassured Floyd that leaving the sport while still in good health is the right thing to do.

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