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Bradley-Rios falls apart, Rios still sitting on the sidelines

The potential title fight between Timothy Bradley and Brandon Rios has died after the two sides couldn't come to terms on money.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

It's been a tough year for Brandon Rios after demolishing Mike Alvarado back in January. We're now halfway through August and Brandon has still yet to secure his next fight, essentially killing any momentum he's had since his last showing.

Brandon was in negotiations for a Kell Brook title fight, but that fell by the wayside over a rematch clause within the contract in the event that Brandon won. Then, another big opportunity came for Brandon to fight Tim Bradley for the WBO title in December - but that too has died since the two sides were too far apart on the money, according to RIos' manager Cameron Dunkin. Cameron says he got word from Top Rank president Todd duBoef that they need to make new plans for Rios.

"Todd said (Bradley and his wife/manager Monica) were too high on the money and we need to start doing something else," Dunkin said. "He said they were in left field, or something like that. He said they didn't come in at a number where we could make the fight. It wasn't HBO's fault and we were at a very reasonable number because Brandon really wanted the fight. But all the numbers didn't add up to where they wanted to be so they couldn't make it."

Now it's once again back to the drawing board for Rios, who has been desperately trying to stay active and get back in the ring.

"We're going to try to find a fight for him," Dunkin said. "We'll go to work try to get with HBO and find someone they'll agree on and get Brandon fighting again. The problem is there are not a lot of guys available. It's too bad. I think this one is over with Bradley and there's no chance of fixing it. But Brandon really wanted this fight and he wasn't out of line with what he was asking for. Even (Top Rank boss Bob) Arum said that Brandon was reasonable."

It now appears that Bradley will indeed be taking on mandatory challenger Sadam Ali next. Should the Rios' fight had been worked out, Top Rank was ready to negotiate a step-aside fee for Ali, allowing Bradley-Rios to happen. But with that out of the picture, and with the way it's currently looking, one has to wonder if Rios will be fighting again this year at all.

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