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Demetrius Andrade files appeal with WBO

Andrade, who was recently stripped of his WBO junior middleweight title, has filed an appeal with the organization to allow him to defend the belt he lost. He also questions why he lost his ranking but Canelo gets to keeps his.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Demetrius Andrade is appealing his stripped title from the WBO and has sent a letter to WBO president Francisco Valcarcel that, amongst other things, states the WBO never offered him a mandatory challenger in the past seven months for him to defend his now lost title. He goes on to cite a January 23, 2015 letter sent to him by the WBO stating they would force a purse bid for the Jermell Charlo fight if the two sides didn't come to an agreement within 30 days.

The two sides never did come to an agreement, but the WBO didn't enforce the purse-bid neither, which allowed Charlo to sign a deal to face Vanes Martirosyan instead. Andrade submitted a copy of a contract he signed to face Charlo for $300,000, dated Jan. 14, 2015, as evidence that it was in fact Charlo, and not him, who pulled out of the fight. A portion of the letter reads:

"We respectfully request that the WBO allow Demetrius Andrade to defend the WBO Jr. Middleweight Title against ANY one of the top 15 opponents. Only the WBO has the ability to force one of their approved challengers to fight him. We respectfully ask the WBO World Championship Committee to use their power to force a top 15 fighter to fight him at your earliest possible convenience. We would be more than willing to allow a fight to occur under the rules of a purse bid, if necessary. Please use your power and authority to step in and force a mandatory fight to allow Demetrius Andrade to defend his title in the boxing ring, where it should be decided and you have our word that we will honor the WBO by agreeing to fight anyone approved by the WBO before September 30, 2015."

Finally, Andrade's letter addresses the fact that the WBO has stated its intentions of removing Andrade from their top 15 rankings entirely (something they've already appeared to have done). Andrade counters this logic by bringing up the fact that Canelo Alvarez still maintains the number one contender position by the organization - even though he hasn't fought at the junior middleweight limit since September 2013, nine months before Andrade last defended his WBO title against Brian Rose.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the rules are not applied evenly to all, which is sort of why I have a hard time taking these sanctioning bodies seriously. We'll see if this letter by Andrade gains any traction, or if it just finds its way into Valcarcel's recycle bin.

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