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Shane Mosley: Don King's documents are fraudulent, Mayorga rematch will happen

Shane Mosley and his legal team believe they've caught Don King committing fraud, and the fighter says his rematch with Ricardo Mayorga will happen on August 29.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

With promoter Don King claiming that he has a contract with Ricardo Mayorga, the scheduled August 29 rematch between Mayorga and Shane Mosley has become a question mark. But Mosley says that the fight will go on, and that he believes he has caught King getting sloppy.

"Mosley Vs Mayorga 2 is going to happen," said Mosley. "There is no way we are going to let Don King destroy everything we have worked for just to line his pockets with a frivolous lawsuit."

King, 83, claims that Mayorga is still under contract to him, having reaffirmed a 2009 deal in 2014 with a memorandum of understanding. But Mosley's legal team issued a letter to King questioning the legitimacy of the documents, saying that Mayorga himself did not sign them, and that the notary public who also signed and was witness to the event had an expired license at the time, and that the number on her notary seal belongs to another party.

"I think Don has been getting away with raping people so long that he got cocky and sloppy and sent over some forgery and fraud that was easily discovered," said Mosley. "I think it's ironic that it took a fighter not even signed with him to put him away. Fraud is a crime and I plan to prosecute Don to the fullest extent for this. Luckily for me his reputation precedes him so fighting this is an uphill battle for him."

Mayorga sued King in 2009 for violating the Muhammad Ali Act, and King filed an injunction in 2010 that ultimately did shut down an MMA event in North Carolina, where Mayorga was to face Din Thomas. King was a promoter of record for Mayorga's 2010 fight with Michael Walker and 2011 bout with Miguel Cotto, but was not a promoter for either of Mayorga's fights in 2014 in Oklahoma and Nicaragua, according to BoxRec.

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