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Don King's team says Mosley accusations are wild, desperate, baseless

Don King and his legal team are firing back on Shane Mosley, claiming the fighter's accusations are nonsense.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

With his August 29 fight against Ricardo Mayorga seemingly in at least some jeopardy, Shane Mosley and his legal team have said that promoter Don King, who claims to have a legal contract with Ricardo Mayorga that was renewed in 2014, after being initially signed in 2009.

King's legal team is ready to fire back.

"There is no truth to Mr. Mosley's suggestion that Mr. Mayorga did not sign the documents which form the basis of Don King Productions' claims against Mr. Mayorga and Mr. Mosley, along with his companies," King's lawyer Alejandro Brito told Bad Left Hook.

Mosley said that King's contract with Mayorga was invalid, as the Nicaraguan brawler was allegedly not even there for the signing, and that the notary public's seal was also fraudulent.

"We have proof that Mr. Mayorga was at Don King Productions' offices on the date the contracts were signed, we have a canceled check that Mr. Mayorga also signed at the time that he signed the contracts, and the contracts that Mr. Mayorga signed were witnessed by a notary," Brito told us. "To the extent that Mr. Mosley also claims that the notary's certification was not valid or had expired as of the date that the documents were signed by Mr. Mayorga, that is also an untrue statement. We have proof from the Florida Department of State that the notary's certification was valid on the date that Mr. Mayorga signed these contracts. There is simply no basis for Mr. Mosley's wild, desperate and defamatory allegations that Don King Productions engaged in a fraud."

Mayorga, 41, has not boxed on a card with King as a promoter of record since his 2011 loss to Miguel Cotto. He returned to the ring in 2014 with a pair of fights in Oklahoma and Nicaragua, neither with King listed as promoter of record.

Mosley, 43, beat Mayorga in their first fight in 2008, with a last second knockout in the 12th round. This rematch, which is to air on pay-per-view from The Forum in Inglewood, California, is currently up in the air, or so it would seem.

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