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Thurman: Let's be real, no more questions about Errol Spence

Keith Thurman talks about a potential fight with Amir Khan, and questions the logic behind asking him to fight Errol Spence.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this media interview caught by FightHype, Keith Thurman gets a little heated once he started questioning the logic behind a potential Errol Spence fight. But before that all happened, Thurman began by answering a simple question on some potential big-name fights his immediate future, namely an Amir Khan fight. He said that a fight with Amir Khan, who he credits as being a "great fighter," would be a big bout for him and the fans. Thurman goes on to say that many fans think Khan has the tools and style to give him problems, so he'd certainly like to settle that business right now to quash all of that talk.

Then, Thurman immediately makes the point that an Amir Khan fight brings a lot more to the table for him than any fight with Errol Spence would at this time -- an invariable truth. For those who aren't familiar, allow me to quickly backtrack on the story. This whole prospective Thurman-Spence match-up became something of a hot topic when Floyd Mayweather made it a point to basically endorse Spence as a talent in various interviews. In those interviews, Floyd suggested that Thurman, who has been routinely calling for a fight with Floyd, should have to get through Spence before getting a shot at himself. Here, Thurman goes on to question that logic by way of saying "enough talk about a Spence fight," but grows admittedly irritated before saying that he'd be willing to make the fight if Spence's 'Uncle' Floyd would guarantee a fight with the winner.

Oh yeah, and at the end Thurman takes a little parting shot at Leonard Ellerbe - so that's fun too!

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